7 Automated email flows that you definitely want to use in 2020!

Automated email flows is a functionality that is present with most email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Activecampaign. Based on preset triggers, an email is automatically sent to a specific segment of your subscriber base. The great thing about automated email flows is that you have to set them up correctly once and then send them automatically. Below you will find 9 automated email flows that you definitely want to use:


1. E-mail when leaving a shopping cart (abandoned cart)

This is probably the best known of the automated emails, namely the abandoned cart email. Did a potential customer place something on your website in their shopping cart, but didn’t complete their purchase? Then send a reminder to the customer with a little encouragement to finalize the purchase.


2. Welcome email for subscribers to your newsletter

Did someone subscribe to your newsletter? Then send an automated welcome email. This to increase the chance that your next emails will be read and offers a great opportunity to present valuable content to your reader immediately.


3. The post-purchase service email

The post-purchase service email is useful for a variety of purposes. You will receive useful feedback on how your customer has experienced your product and service. You can then use the review again to persuade potential customers to buy from you. In addition, you can use your reviews to be shown in the search results.


4. Cross-sell offers based on previous purchases.

Use the data from previous purchases to tempt your customer into a follow-up purchase. For example, a customer has bought a laptop from you, you can send the customer an email with useful products that can be used in combination with the laptop, such as a laptop bag or a mouse.


5. Reactivating customers who have not ordered for a while

Out of your email file you can segment those customers who have not bought anything for a while or have never bought anything. Send these customers a special offer to persuade them to make an initial purchase or re-order from you.


6. Rewarding top customers

Automated emails can also be used to reward top customers. Based on the number of orders or the sales amount, you can reward your best customers, as an example, by giving them an extra product for free with their next order.


7. Onboarding emails for business clients

One of the challenges with a business webstore is to let customers switch to online ordering while they are often used to other channels. An automated e-mail series allows you to guide customers step by step in the use of the new environment. Also read our tips for a successful onboarding process with your B2B webstore.