We all know that Magento is a great e-commerce system for setting up a B2C web store, but if you focus on the B2B market, Magento lacks some essential features. We resolved that problem by introducing the B2B Suite: a complete solution for your Magento-based B2B web store.

Why use the B2B Suite?
From our experience with B2B extensions and B2B e-commerce projects, we know which B2B e-commerce functionalities are not in the standard Magento setup.
Many functionalities are available as standalone extensions, but with these, you need to rely on different vendors, resolve extension conflicts and manage updates. This is why we are introducing the B2B Suite: a complete out-of-the-box solution for Magento-based B2B e-commerce.

Which features are available in the B2B Suite?
We have identified the most essential B2B functionalities that aren’t available in your standard Magento environment. The following functionalities will be available in our first version:


Geavanceerde prijsopties – verberg prijzen voor niet-ingelogde klanten


Advanced pricing options – hide prices for not logged in customers


Quick order list – set up a quick order list on the category page


Category permissions – set category permissions on a customer group level


Quotation – enable quotations for certain customer groups or not logged in customers


Credit limits – let your best customers buy on credit up to a certain amount


B2B quick checkout – quick checkout by skipping payment and shipping steps


Road map for 2016
Many additional features are on the road map for this year, such as:
– Magento 2.0 version
– customer-specific order lists
– roles and permissions
– customers and contacts
– customer payment options
–  full API support
–  sales agents and dealers

When is the B2B Suite available?
We have just released the 1.0.0 version of the Magento B2B Suite. If you are interested for a demo, just send us an e-mail.

Let us know what you think
We are looking for your feedback. Are you missing any features or do you have any questions? Please contact us.