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Our expertise lies in B2B web shops. So, “What is so special about that?” On this page we are going to explain what is different in setting up a B2B web shop compared to a B2C web shop.


Ordering online has become essential. Nowadays companies can no longer stay behind by not offering an online order portal. Chances are that you are or will be losing revenue bu not having an online order portal. Statistics show the B2B e-commerce is big, and is getting much bigger!

Personal benefits

A B2B web shop could significantly reduce sales costs! Thanks to automation of the order process, placing orders manually will be something from the past, which results into less mistakes. We ensure seamless integration between your back office and web shop with our extensions. For example, we have implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Unit4 and Mamut links that integrate with your existing systems out-of -the-box.

In addition, you are easy to find online, causing constant traffic to your web shop and potential customers. Through SEO/conversion optimization and online advertisement you can reach large (specific) target groups. You will have endless possibilities.

Benefits for your customers

Your clients will be positively surprised when they can place an order easily at any given time and day simply from one online portal.

Your client can always:

  • view your complete cataloge,
  • place orders at any given time,
  • easily request quotes,
  • invoice per department,
  • create their own order lists,
  • find previous billing documents,
  • view their order status,
  • and much more.


Request quote

Many web shops in the B2B industry have complex products, this allows you to easily integrate request a quotation function. Due to this function your customers doe not have  to send a separate e-mail or call anymore, and you can easily convert the quotation into an order.

Customer-specific prices

If you have price agreements with certain customers, it is wise to implement this in your web shop. Unfortunately this is not a default possibility in Magento, but with our extension it becomes child’s play.

Volume discount

In the B2B branch it is very normal to buy in bulk at lower prices. Off course this will be also possible in your web shop!

Log in for prices

You do not want everybody to see your selling prices? Change your web shops settings so only your customers can view the prices. This gives you more grip!

Easy ordering

In B2C web shops it is perfectly normal to put one item at a time in your shopping basket. For B2B customers this could become a time-consuming process, especially when they have large orders. Therefore, we advise and help build an easier way of ordering for B2B-orientated web shops.


To make it even easier for buyers, you can offer your customers the possibility to create order lists and save them. The customer can then quickly and conveniently order the products he or she often orders, simply by filling in the quantity of the products in question. Your customers do not have to search the entire webshop for the products that they regularly buy.

On Invoice

Ordering on Invoice is common in the B2B industry, unfortunately this is not a standard feature in Magento.

Shipping methods

Do you sell large products or products of high value? Then it is likely that you use a specific courier for shipping. We can link many delivery systems of various shipping companies with your Magento web shop.



A clear difference with B2C shops is that B2B web shops generally have a simpler but more business orientated design. Where B2C web shops often pull potential customers over with a playful and creative design, we see at B2B web shops that the user-friendliness of the web shop is the determining factor. Although the design of the shop should not be underestimated, many shops can use the standard Magento templates. This saves you design costs!



Link your ERP system to your Magento web shop. As a result, you always have an up-to-date overview of your storage, and the logistics department sees exactly where you need to go!

The advantages pf linking Magento and your ERP system:

  • Prevent errors and save time because no more date needs to be transfered manually.
  • Relieve the pressure on your customer service by allowing customers to order online 24/7 and view their order history and invoice information.
  • Use the powerfull ERP solutions in your Magento webshop such as extensive B2B price structures.

By realizing links between MAgento and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Unit4 and Mamut our customers have significantly reduced the number of manual actions.

Accounting and invoicing

You can save time by linking your accounting with Magento. For example, link your Exact account to your web shop, and ensure that invoicing is running smooth.


Food and drinks

Allow your customers to order food and drinks easily via personal order lists.


Offer an online sales environment to your customers and optimize your sales processes.

Automotive & components

Help your customers to find that specific car part and offer an optimal online ordering environment!


Let your customers find and order the right products online.

Fashion & clothing

Offer your customers the opportunity to experience your brand and clothing, let them order quickly via a matrix order list.

Interior and furniture

Sell your interior products and furniture online and steamline your sales process.

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