Cheap Magento developments? Be careful!

It sounds wonderful, Magento web store developments for beneficial prices. With starting tariffs of 25,- euros per hour developers from all over the world will make anything you want! Unfortunately, allot of people don’t know the exact ins and outs of their online stores, or how it should look like.

Recently a customer knocked on our virtual door through our extension shop, he could not get an extension to work properly. Of course we wanted to have look and it struck us that many Magento core files were affected. You know, those files that everyone knows you should stay away from as much as possible. This particular customer knew nothing about coding, but even he was aware of this rule of thumb. Despite, explicitly stating not to come near the core files the hired developers started tweaking them. After all, the chance was small that the customer would ever notice it. You can compare it with bringing your car to the garage, and that they then repair the lot with duct tape, or in some cases with scotch tape. Fortunately, we understand our car better and are able to give suitable solutions for value. I truly believe that there are good and reliable outsourcing companies, I just want you to be aware whether a development really will be profitable. Sometimes something seems working fine on the short term but will cause terrible problems when you need to change something else.

Another example, we had a simple extension installed for one of our customers, which caused problems on the most odd places. Fortunately, we have sub teams whit specific specializations throughout the company. this allows us to solve problems quickly. However, several problems were caused by a digital illiterate who made some custom changes, without considering that the store might increase their customer and/or order counts, which need to be processed. This is also an important reason why we implement adjustments on a test environment first. This allows us and the customer to check whether there is nothing strange about it and works as is should.

Pro-tip: hire a developers team which takes their responsibility of your store serious. A team that codes according to Magento guidlines and ensures that all new functions can cooperate with exciting functions and do not pose problems in the future. Make sure you are able to consult with someone about what you want to achieve without immediately naming what needs to be done in the shop. This often helps with finding more sustainable and reliable solutions, instead of hiring someone who just does what you ask without considering better options. I am happy we started our support services this year. Since then we never had to contend with old badly executed code and are almost exclusively busy with developing the web stores of our clients. Our base is reliable both for our clients as for us to develop on, this allows us to focus on our relationship with clients and progress together.

Would you like to have a chat about your  previous experiences either good or bad or do you want to know what will be a next good step for your company to take, do not hesitate and contact me, or hop by for a cup of coffee. I am curious about your story.