Ecomwise and Ergonode have joined forces

Ecomwise has become a partner of Ergonode. Ergonode is an accessible and user-friendly PIM (Product Information Management) system, offering a strong value for money. In this blog, we describe what sets Ergonode apart from other PIM systems and why we offer Ergonode as the PIM solution for our customers.

“Our software is user-friendly. We have spent a lot of time on UX and UI design. Users enjoy working with Ergonode.” – Tomas Hesseling,
Country Director Benelux at Ergonode

The importance of a PIM System

The use of a PIM system is highly beneficial. It ensures consistency and completeness of product information from the start. With a PIM system, product information is managed in one central location, allowing for bulk updates across various channels. This not only saves a significant amount of time but also ensures uniformity in the product catalog.

Such consistency leads to better and more accurate product specifications, which in turn improves customer experience and product findability. Complete product information also enables customers to make better comparisons, resulting in higher sales figures. These positive outcomes are especially evident in companies that focus on improving the quality of product information.

Maintaining up-to-date product information requires ongoing data enrichment, a process that can be quite challenging. This often involves multiple data sources, ranging from manual uploads of CSV, XML, and text files to individual images, as well as frequent changes in suppliers’ product assortments. This means you must continually adapt to process and keep this information up to date.

A PIM system offers a solution for this. As mentioned earlier, it’s a system for managing product information neatly and making it available at once across multiple sales channels.

Ergonode: in short

Ergonode is a user-friendly PIM system that enables companies to manage product information in a structured manner. It is suitable for various sales channels, such as online stores and marketplaces. With Ergonode, both retailers and manufacturers can integrate different data sources. The level of completeness of the product information can be adjusted for each product group. This is displayed in the workflow, making it easier to assess whether a product is ready for listing on the webshop.

The added value of Ergonode

Ergonode is known for its solid price-quality ratio. Its relatively low monthly costs translate into a wider range of features compared to competing PIM systems. Furthermore, extensive workflows are included as standard with Ergonode.

What further distinguishes Ergonode:

  • Built-in AI. The standard version uses AI to generate product descriptions based on known product features;
  • Product importer. Users easily import product data by linking column names in the product file to field names in Ergonode. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with diverse sources of product data;
  • Standard translation tool. DeepL is integrated into the software, allowing for faster and high-quality translation of product information;
  • Grid-exports. Users easily generate an export of the items currently selected in the active filter;
  • User-friendliness. Users quickly navigate the software.

The Impact of Ergonode on your B2B webshop

Using Ergonode as your PIM system is beneficial for your webshop:

  • Cost savings. Reduce time spent on unnecessary and error-prone repetitive tasks (time that can be used for other purposes);
  • Increased efficiency. process more products in less time;
  • Revenue growth. Boost your conversion by enriching product data;
  • Higher employee satisfaction. Updating product data is usually not the most favorite task of employees. Ergonode makes this process simpler and more enjoyable.

Ecomwise is happy to assist with the implementation of Ergonode in your webshop.

Integrating a PIM system into your webshop

If you want to know more about integrating PIM system Ergonode into your webshop, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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