ETIM: The Standard for Electrical Product Catalogs

In the realm of technical products, particularly within the context of e-commerce and product information, the term ‘ETIM classification’ is frequently encountered. In this blog post, we will elucidate what this concept entails and how this classification can enhance the performance of your B2B webshop in serving your customers better.

What is ETIM?

ETIM classification, also known as the Electrical Technical Information Model, serves as a standard for product information in the electrical engineering sector. Its purpose is twofold: to classify electrical products and to provide a more structured product description.

The fundamental principles of ETIM classification revolve around the organized registration and exchange of product information. Products are categorized into various groups and subcategories, where specific characteristics, properties, and technical details are documented. This results in a clear and comprehensible structure for recording and sharing product information.

How Does ETIM classification Work?

To implement ETIM classification, it is necessary to process data in your B2B webshop. Employing a Product Information Management (PIM) system, such as Akeneo or Ergonode, is essential. This system ensures efficient and well-structured handling of product information. This information becomes easily and swiftly accessible not only to customers but also to those responsible for managing and enriching product data on the webshop.

The integration of ETIM data into a PIM system encompasses several steps:

      1. Importing ETIM data into the PIM system:
          • a .csv file to the cloud;
          • API integration with other systems;
          • manual file uploads.
      2. Cleaning and classifying ETIM data:
          • During this phase, ETIM data is cleaned up and classified, potentially supplemented with additional attributes. This results in consistent and easily manageable data, which can later be integrated into the B2B webshop.
      3. Synchronization with the webshop:
          • The data in the PIM system is synchronized with the B2B webshop through API integration.
      4. Configuring the PIM system and data enrichment:
          • The PIM system is configured, and specific data is enriched to create a rich and attractive product presentation on the webshop.

    Finally, the search functionality on the webshop is based on the classified and labeled ETIM data. This enhances user-friendliness and ensures that data remains up-to-date, both in the PIM system and on the webshop.

    What are the benefits of ETIM classification?
    The advantages of ETIM classification in a nutshell:

            • Enhanced user experience: With improved and more extensive product specifications, customers can quickly determine if a product suits their needs, contributing to a better user experience on the B2B webshop;
            • Time savings: Product information is standardized, including technical product characteristics. This minimizes erroneous orders and promotes efficient communication with customers and partners, as everyone uses the same data. Furthermore, duplicate work is avoided since data is entered only once. This is particularly valuable for companies with a diverse and constantly changing online product offering;
            • Regulatory compliance: Beyond the field of electrical engineering, other industries also benefit from specific information, such as allergy information in the food industry. By providing this data, companies comply with such regulations.

    How Is ETIM Implemented for a B2B Webshop?

    The most suitable place to establish your ETIM classification is within your PIM system. Here, the classification is added, and products are linked to the appropriate ETIM families. Integration with your PIM system, such as Akeneo or Ergonode, ensures that this data is correctly transferred to your B2B webshop.

    Want to learn more about ETIM classifications?

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