Fast and efficient ordering processes in B2B webshops

In the B2B field, procurement is an integral part of daily operations. In order to guarantee an exemplary customer experience, it is important for customers that the ordering process is expeditious and streamlined. In this blog, we delve deeper into the functionalities within a B2B webshop that contribute to a swift and efficient order handling and discuss why this is essential in the business market.

Functionalities of a B2B webshop: what ensures a quick and efficient ordering process?

Drawing from our expertise in creating, maintaining, and optimizing B2B webshops, we observe that the following six functionalities optimize the ordering experience for business customers:

  1. Swift and easy addition of items to the shopping cart. Utilizing a ‘rapid order’ function, items are promptly added to the shopping cart based on their corresponding item numbers. Additionally, it is possible to import a list of item numbers and desired quantities directly into the cart from an Excel file;
  2. Ordering with purchase lists. Regarding order processing, the business sector benefits from simplifying repeat purchases. It is important to keep the purchase process as user-friendly as possible , and purchase lists streamline this process. Buyers create lists for products they frequently purchase and can also reorder past orders with just one click;
  3. The use of an optimal search function. The ability to quickly find the right products significantly influences the customer’s ordering experience. Hence, a fast and intuitive search function is essential;
  4. Integration of a fast checkout feature. Business customers’ data and preferred payment methods are generally known. Consequently, this leads to a reduction in the number of decisions employees need to make during the order completion process, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of order handling.
  5. Offering a B2B payment method such as invoicing. Business customers prefer to pay by invoice, but this might not always be possible for new customers due to the absence of a credit check. A B2B payment method like Sprinque can provide a solution and ensure that this payment method can be offered even to new customers;
  6. Ordering through an OCI-punchout functionality. An OCI-punchout feature allows purchasers to order within their familiar procurement system. They are automatically logged into the webshop, enabling them to add their selected products to the shopping cart. The shopping cart is then automatically synchronized with the procurement system, allowing customers to quickly and effortlessly complete their purchase without additional manual input. This streamlines the process! You can find more information about OCI punchout in our blog.

Why is a fast and efficient ordering process important in B2B?

The aforementioned functionalities offer convenience and accelerate the procurement process. The aforementioned functionalities offer convenience and accelerate the procurement process.


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