We’ve launched another great new web store recently, and this time for Jippie’s Europe, an international manufacturer and wholesale supplier of products that contribute to child safety.

Jippie’s products are available through various sales channels such as Prenatal and Bol.com and small and medium-sized stores. However, Jippie’s own web store jippie.nl no longer met the requirements and we were therefore asked to develop a new, user-friendly online store on which businesses can place orders and find detailed product information. The new shop was to support the current activities and to act as a business card. Ease and flexibility were the main desired properties.

The new situation should also include a connection with Jippie’s ERP system Unit 4, to ensure full synchronisation of inventory, orders and customer information. Such a connection reduces the workload, minimises the chance of errors, and allows for the optimisation of the overall business process.

The client
Jippie’s Europe is a true family business. Started in 1948 as Kleuterhuis Vos, which sold beautiful christening gowns and crib liners, Jippie’s has in a few years grown into a company with five major stores, focusing more on wholesale.

In 2010, the third generation took over the company and decided to specialise entirely in child safety. Nowadays, Jippie’s is an international wholesaler that not only sells, but also manufactures and imports high-quality child-safety products.

The web store
The client briefing resulted in an extensive functional design and design for the new web store, based on a standard Magento environment. Since Magento is foremost a B2C platform, we have made some custom adjustments.
Product prices are only visible after login, so non-registered customers can only view the products and product descriptions and are not able to order. This functionality is enabled by our Hide Price-module.
New customer accounts are activated only after approval by Jippie’s, allowing them to determine which customers can order online. This is made possible by our Customer Approval-extensie.
We have also installed our Customer Price Rules-extensie to be able to set up customer-specific pricing and discounts.


The store’s fresh and modern design is based on a strong Magento theme with the application of Jippie’s corporate style, complemented by great images and banners.
The emphasis is on product content and images and less on large pieces of text, resulting in a clean and user-friendly website.

ERP system
Jippie’s uses ERP system UNIT4. To improve efficiency, we created a custom extension that establishes a connection between UNIT4 and Magento.
This extension enables a full synchronisation of inventory, orders and customer data, making sure the new store always displays up-to-date information.


Further development
With the launch of this new web store, Jippie’s has taken another big step in their business development. Once this process is fully integrated into their daily practices, we will take additional steps to further optimise their online store. We are here to help Jippie’s with that, and will continue to advise them on possible improvements for their environment.

Take a look at the store on www.jippie.nl