Magento B2B Suite

Magento B2B Webstore

Magento is the most widely used open source webstore platform in the world, with many powerful functionalities. If you sell B2B, you will run into some limitations, because Magento is originally a B2C platform.
That is why we have developed B2B Suite: a combination of the most used B2B functionalities, turning Magento into the ideal platform for your B2B business sales!

Complete solution

If you want to expand Magento, you can choose from many different extensions, which unfortunately often have compatibility problems. B2B Suite contains all the functionalities you would expect in a Magento B2B environment in a complete extension. Turn parts on or off, and determine for which customers which functions are available. No complicated manuals or difficult installation procedures!

Magento B2B Suite en ERP

The ERP system plays a central role in all processes of a company. The extra functionalities that B2B Suite adds to your Magento environment can be achieved through an integration between you B2B-webstore and your ERP-package used in both systems. Think, for example, of customer-specific price agreements or displaying current stock information in your Magento webstore.

Open-source and enterprise

B2B Suite is suitable for both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. Our support department offers installation support for both variants, but of course we can also take care of the installation for you.

B2B functionalities

Our B2B webshops contain many B2B functionalities as standard, without the need for customization or extensions. A number of functionalities that are available in our B2B webshops


Offers new customers the opportunity to first request a quote for a selection of the products.

Order lists

Customers can quickly place their order through their own order lists of products they have purchased more often.

Price lists and customer-specific prices

Business customers can see their own customer-specific prices or work with the price list structure of the ERP system.

Fast order form

The B2B webshop offers a quick order form where products can be added immediately or an Excel file can be uploaded.

Payment conditions

Each customer can use his or her own payment conditions on the webshop or work with credit limits.

Approving customers

Shouldn’t customers have direct access to the webshop? No problem, there is the option to approve customers first.

Multiple users per account

Are there multiple users who have to order for 1 company. Then use multiple users per account.

Customer-specific ranges

Are not all customers allowed to see all products or prices. Make use of customer-specific assortments.

Customer portal

The customer portal offers the customer an overview of all orders, invoices and shipments so that the customer has an overview immediately.

More about us?

We are an e-commerce agency from Utrecht specialized in B2B e-commerce. We help our clients with:
  1. Strategy and advice.
  2. Development and implementation
  3. Support and optimization

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