Ecomwise has partnered with B2B payment solution Sprinque

Ecomwise has teamed up with the B2B payment solution, Sprinque, and that’s no coincidence! In this blog, you’ll uncover more about Sprinque and how our collaboration with this payment platform ensures swift and secure payouts for your business.

“Working alongside Ecomwise, we ensure that every B2B webshop meets its users demands and generates maximum value for B2B businesses.” – Yenhsin Lee, Partner Manager at Sprinque.

The significance of B2B payment methods in the business market

In both the B2C and B2B spheres, the payment process plays a pivotal role in converting website visitors into loyal customers. Historically, there have been few, if any, payment solutions tailored to the evolving needs of B2B customers. However, with the advent of Sprinque, this landscape has shifted. This payment platform perfectly aligns with the changing requirements of your business customers, resulting in heightened conversion rates and bolstered customer loyalty.

So, what are these evolving needs? According to the B2B Monitor by ShoppingTomorrow…
… invoice payments have surged in popularity compared to previous years, while other payment methods, such as automatic debits and PayPal, have waned in usage.
… as companies expand, the utilization of invoice payments grows in tandem.
… for those engaging in frequent online purchases, invoice payments are the preferred choice.

Sprinque in a nutshell

Dealing with other B2C payment solutions like iDeal or credit cards takes time and results in lost revenu. Also, it is not how business buyers prefer to pay. Think of lost revenu from a payment limit or from transaction costs based on the order value. On average, the use of these payment methods leads to a 25% lower conversion rate compared to B2B payment solutions. Additionally, order values are 15% lower, and customer retention is 20% lower.

Sprinque prevents this scenario from happening. With this online B2B payment solution, businesses get paid faster and guaranteed. Customers can check out with a single click. Thanks to real-time fraud checks and credit verification, along with established payment terms and credit limits for approved customers, the risk of late payments or defaults is minimized. Payments are processed instantly, keeping cash flow in balance.

Key benefits of Sprinque:

  • Providing credit limits and a user-friendly checkout process to customers, increasing conversion by 30%;
  • Always receiving payment, regardless of whether the customer pays. Sprinque acts as an intermediary, guaranteeing and facilitating payments with 0% risk;
  • Eliminating administrative costs and manual workflows by 50%;

The shared vision of Ecomwise and Sprinque

Ecomwise and Sprinque share the same goal: supporting B2B businesses in their growth and achieving online success. While Ecomwise focuses on creating technically top-notch and user-friendly webshops, Sprinque focuses on the right financial solution.

A profitable webshop without worries about customer payments

Sprinque can be integrated into various locations on a website, such as the webshop. Interested in learning more about integrating a B2B payment solution into your webshop? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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