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  • Platform

    Magento 2
  • Integrations

    LogXstar and Bol.com
  • Languages

    Dutch, English and German
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About Kletspot

You used to have the most beautiful conversations at the kitchen table. Today, the focus is more on digital devices than genuine attention to one another. This is exactly why the Kletspot was created. The “kletspot” (chat-spot) contains cards with in-depth questions to start a good conversation. The Kletspot is the ideal gift for a pleasant evening.

The goal

Kletspot used a ready-to-go webstore package, but the functionality was very limited. In addition, the design was not responsive and the user experience was not as desired. Kletspot was looking for a new webstore platform which could achieve the following goals:

  • Customers can order quickly and easily on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • The system must be flexible so that additional web shops and countries can be served in the future.
  • The E-commerce process needs to be automated as much as possible so that as little time as possible is spent processing and shipping the orders.

Our solutions

The result

Kletspot uses our own optimized Magento 2 template, which caused the development and implementation to be finished quickly. The Dutch (consumer) version of the webstore was launched at the end of last year, so that Kletspot took advantage of the new webstore during the festive season and achieved a nice growth of 20% in the number of orders.

At the beginning of 2019, the business B2B webstore was also launched, where more than 700 affiliated sales points can place their orders and in the coming year a webstore will be launched for the German and English markets.


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