Magento & Mamut ERP integration

Optimise your business processes by connecting your Magento web store to Mamut. Synchronise inventory and orders, so you can always provide up-to-date and accurate information. With M-SHOP you can prevent mistakes and discrepancies between stock and order statuses.

Sales orders & order status

Synchronize all sales orders between Magento and Mamut and keep track of stock and order information. M-SHOP gives you real-time insight in orders, prices, products and your customer data.

Products & inventory

M-SHOP automatically imports all product data, including images, from Mamut to Magento. External inventories from your suppliers will also be imported and displayed in your web store. Mamut product variants can be imported to Magento as configurable products.

Customers & contacts

M-SHOP not only synchronises products and orders, but all customer data as well. Access all the data, order history and any other relevant customer information from Mamut in your Magento web store.

Customer price rules & sales line discounts

Customer-specific discounts or price rules are both featured in M-SHOP. All customer price rules and sales line discount specified in your Mamut ERP will be imported. Your customers are always shown the correct product prices in your Magento web store.


Product management

Import products from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Magento and vice versa. Available for both simple and variant products.

Customer management

Import customers and contacts and automatically sync new customers, ensuring up-to-date data in both systems.

Order and return management

Full synchronisation of all sales orders and returns, including online order history and reorder options.

Catalogue and inventory management

Use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV menu structure in Magento and update the inventory in realtime.

Sales prices and sales line discounts

Apply Microsoft Dynamics NAV price rules to your Magento web store.

Multiple warehouses and web stores

MCONNECT allows you to connect multiple web stores and warehouses and manage them from one interface.