Magento B2B


Magento is the leading open source e-commerce platform in the world with many powerful B2C features. When you focus on the B2B market however, you will find that Magento has some limitations.
That is why we have developed B2B Suite, a full package of the top Magento B2B features that will transform Magento into an e-commerce platform perfectly suited for B2B business sales.

Complete package

If you are looking for ways to expand your Magento web store there are several extensions available. However, multiple extension installations can result in serious compatibility issues.
B2B Suite offers all the needed features for your B2B Magento environment in a single extension. You can easily configure the extension, disable or enable certain features or hide features for a specific customer group. No more complicated installation guides or time-consuming implementation procedures!

Magento B2B
Magento B2B

Magento B2B Suite and ERP

Your ERP system plays a crucial role within your organisation and contains valueable product, price, stock and client information. When connecting your ERP system to your Magento web store, all B2B Suite features will be added to you ERP system. All data will be automatically synchronised, keeping all your store information up-to-date and accurate.

Community and Enterprise

B2B Suite is available for Magento Community and Enterprise. Our certified developers and project managers will ensure implementation within a few days.

Magento B2B


Product management

Import products from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Magento and vice versa. Available for both simple and variant products.

Customer management

Import customers and contacts and automatically sync new customers, ensuring up-to-date data in both systems.

Order and return management

Full synchronisation of all sales orders and returns, including online order history and reorder options.

Catalogue and inventory management

Use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV menu structure in Magento and update the inventory in realtime.

Sales prices and sales line discounts

Apply Microsoft Dynamics NAV price rules to your Magento web store.

Multiple warehouses and web stores

MCONNECT allows you to connect multiple web stores and warehouses and manage them from one interface.