Connecting Magento to other systems

Your organisation can greatly profit from connecting Magento to your other systems. No more manual data transfer will save you time and keeping all systems up-to-date will result in greater customer satisfaction.

Your backoffice

Magento can be connected to your backoffice or administration system, making it unnecessary to manually transfer data and ensuring that your store is always up-to-date with the correct inventory data.

Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon

Target a larger audience and generate more sales by offering your products on marketplaces as eBay, Amazon and Ecomwise has realised numerous connections between Magento and a variety of marketplaces.

Fulfilment solutions

Have you outsourced your fulfilment operations? We can set up a connection between your Magento web store and your fulfilment centre. We have created connections to a wide number of parties, such as S&H and Montapacking.

Product catalogues and PIM systems

Do you receive your product data your from an external or PIM system? We can connect Magento to that system too! We have set up links to systems such as Icecat and Akaneo.

An overview of the systems to which we can connect Magento:

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