Why use extensions?

The Magento platform offers a wide range of functionalities. Still, more is needed to run a successful web store: a connection to your back office, e-mail and marketing integrations and additional functionalities.

Extension development

In recent years, Ecomwise has developed a wide range of extensions for the Community and Enterprise versions of Magento. These are either extensions of the standard Magento platform or integrations between Magento and other systems.

Magento as a B2B platform

We specialise in the development of B2B extensions and B2B web stores. On our website b2b-extensions.com you will find over 30 practical B2B extensions to use Magento as a B2B web store.

Connecting Magento to ERP systems

We have realised various integrations between Magento and back office systems, used by over 100 customers.
Click here to read more about our ERP integrations.

Enabling subscriptions

For a number of our customers who offer products on a subscription basis, we have developed a custom extension to enable subscriptions in Magento.
Read our blog to learn more about this extension.