Shopware 6

The user friendly e-commerce platform

Shopware is an open source e-commerce platform from Germany. In Germany, Shopware is the most used e-commerce system and it’s growing fast because of the flexibility and possibilities for webstore owners to adjust the webstore themselves. Shopware has been active in e-commerce for more than 20 years and, with its different versions, serves more than 100,000+ customers. Shopware 6 is the latest version of the e-commerce platform that was released in early 2020 and is fully built according to the latest techniques. Ecomwise is an official Shopware partner in the Netherlands.

Why Shopware 6

Shopware 6 has many advantages to use as a webstore platform. Below the main advantages.

Shopware 6 has a very user-friendly and easy to operate admin panel. This makes it very easy to maintain your webstore and catalog.

Shopware 6 already has links with important platforms such as Google analytics, Facebook and Instagram. Shopware 6 is also equipped with a rich set of APIs and offers many plugins with links between other systems such as ERP systems and shipping systems such as Sendcloud.

Due to the rapid developments in the e-commerce market, it is important to have a system where new functionalities can easily be added. Because Shopware 6 is an open source e-commerce system, it can be expanded and adapted if necessary. In addition, there is a large community consisting of e-commerce agencies, developers and suppliers who expand Shopware with plugins for extra functionalities and integrations without the need for customization.

Shopware 6 is a SEO platform as a webstore platform and basically contains all important settings that are important for good findability in the search engines. Because the platform is built from the latest techniques, it is very fast and well equipped for mobile use. Shopware 6 also offers the possibility to offer a PWA (progressive web app) version.

Shopware 6 Functionalities

What are the main distinguishing features of the Shopware webstore platform.

Shopware 6 CMS: Shopping experiences

Shopping experiences is the CMS system of Shopware 6 and offers you, as a webstore manager, the opportunity to completely format your pages with a visual editor. This offers you enormous flexibility to create landing pages yourself and to determine the appearance of your webstore yourself.

Shopware 6: Rule builder

Shopware 6 contains a so-called rule builder that allows you to easily set up business rules for the webstore. For example, if you want a certain customer group to only pay with certain payment methods or if you want to offer a customer group a certain discount, that is all possible with the Shopware 6 rule builder.

Multiple webstores and sales channels in 1 installation

Shopware 6 offers the possibilities to work with different sales channels. With this, different webstores can be added within the same e-commerce platform with different languages and currencies. By default, Shopware also offers sales channels for marketplaces such as Amazon and social sales channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

B2B functionalities

Shopware 6 offers various functionalities to use the webstore as a B2B webstore. Shopware also offers its own B2B suite that enables advanced B2B functionalities such as an extensive roles and legal system, quotations and quick ordering functionalities.

Shopware 6 versions

Shopware 6 has 4 different versions depending on the size of your company and the desired functionalities. One of the great advantages of Shopware is that the platform can grow with you. You can start with a certain version and grow to a version with more functionalities if you need it.

Shopware 6 Starter

Shopware 6 starter is the entry-level version of Shopware and is a SaaS solution. This includes all costs of your webstore in 1 monthly amount. The platform can be expanded with plugins and is therefore very suitable for starting webstores.

Shopware 6 Community version

Shopware 6 Community version is the open source version of Shopware without license costs. This platform already offers many standard functionalities to use Shopware 6 as a B2C or B2B webstore. There are also many plugins available for the Community version that can be used to expand the system without adding customization.

Shopware 6 Professional edition

The Shopware 6 Professional edition offers extra functionalities such as extensive CMS management where you have more options to build your pages with the visual editor. In addition, the Shopware offers professional edition standard sales platforms with the most important social sales channels such as Facebook and Instagram. The professional edition also offers the possibility that direct support tickets are created by the Shopware team. The license costs of the Professional edition are
€ 2.495,00.

Shopware 6 Enterprise edition

The Enterprise edition of Shopware is the most extensive version of Shopware and suitable for larger e-commerce parties. The Shopware 6 Enterprise edition offers more extensive options for applying additional product types, B2B suite and support and support from the Shopware team.

Shopware B2B webstore

Shopware 6 can be used very well as a B2B webstore. Ecomwise has a number of functionalities that are especially suitable for the business market. For more information, also view our Shopware 6 B2B webstore page.

Shopware B2C websstore

Showpare 6 offers many possibilities to launch a B2C webstore. Because of the flexibility, the shopping experiences and standard social sales channels, Shopware 6 is very suitable as a B2C webstore. In addition, standard plugins are available for links to mail systems and shipping systems.

Magento 2 vs Shopware 6 advice

As an e-commerce agency, we specialize in Shopware 6 and Magento 2. We are often asked which e-commerce platform is most suitable for my organization. Depending on various factors such as the necessary functionalities, knowledge level in the organization and the e-commerce strategy, it can be advised which webstore platform is most suitable for my organization. Also check out our blog where we compare Magento 2 and Shopware 6.


Shopware partner Netherlands

Ecomwise is an official Shopware partner in the Netherlands. Our team is trained in how to best use shopware and our e-commerce consultants can help you to see if a Shopware 6 webstore is the best solution for you.

Shopware 6 demo

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Shopware 6 or receive a Shopware 6 demo? Please contact us and we will schedule a Shopware 6 demo depending on your wishes or prepare a shopware 6 demo for you where you can try something yourself.