The Hyvä Template for Magento Webshops

Are you familiar with the Hyvä Magento template? At Ecomwise, we work with this theme. In this blog post, we will explain why and what benefits this template has to offer for your B2B webshop.

What is the Hyvä Template?

Before delving deeper into the Hyvä template, let’s first take a look at the Luma template. Magento is typically delivered with the Luma template as the default option, but this template comes with some drawbacks. For instance, Luma performs less efficiently in terms of loading speed and requires more time and effort for customizations. 

A significant portion of the complex technology of Magento 2 is embedded in the basic Luma design. Hyvä provides an alternative foundational design for Magento 2 webshops, addressing these drawbacks. Hyvä aims to offer a faster and less complex foundation. As Hyvä puts it, “Hyvä is essentially the Luma version we wished Magento had built itself.”

What are the benefits of the Hyvä template? 

The Hyvä template elevates your webshop in several ways :

  • Improved loading speed. Hyvä enhances the user experience with quick loading times, benefiting the overall user experience. Visitors don’t have to wait long for pages to load, making them more inclined to make purchases;
  • High Google PageSpeed scores. A fast webshop is not only essential for user experience but also for your visibility in search engines. The Hyvä theme leads to higher Google PageSpeed scores, making your B2B webshop more visible in search results and attracting more organic traffic;
  • Accelerated template customizations. Hyvä’s user-friendliness results in shorter development times, allowing you to make changes to your webshop more quickly compared to the current Luma theme;
  • Mobile-First approach. Hyvä is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, particularly smartphones. This ensures an attractive display of your webshop on every device, including desktops, phones, and tablets.

In summary, the Hyvä theme for Magento 2 is an excellent choice for B2B companies seeking a fast, responsive solution in Magento with impressive Google PageSpeed scores.

Is a Basic B2B template available at Ecomwise?

Yes, specifically for the business sector, Ecomwise has developed a foundational design based on the Hyvä theme. This design ensures that B2B functionalities, such as order lists and quick order options, seamlessly align with the Hyvä template. As a result, the implementation process is considerably faster than starting with the standard Hyvä template.

How can I transition to the Hyvä template?

You might be wondering what’s involved in using the Hyvä template. When transitioning to the Hyvä template, it’s essential to verify whether the extensions used in your webshop are compatible with Hyvä and whether there is any custom work in the webshop that needs to be prepared for the Hyvä template. The more extensions that are not natively compatible with Hyvä and any potential customizations, the more time it will take to implement the Hyvä template. At Ecomwise, we start with an analysis of the current webshop to determine what is necessary for migrating to the Hyvä template.

Want to Learn More About Hyvä?

If you’d like more information about the Hyvä template or would like to receive a demo of our B2B Hyvä template, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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