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Why a B2B webstore?

The business market is changing! Wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors need to digitize in order to remain competitive and continue to grow. B2B e-commerce promises are clear:

Increase in sales

A B2B webstore offers the possibility to further increase your turnover. The B2B webstore will attract new customers and can increase the average order value of existing customers.

Cost reduction

A B2B webstore ensures that the sales process is automated, so that less manual activities are required. This in turn reduces costs and reduces errors.

More satisfied customers

Customers are now used to placing their orders online. A B2B portal ensures that customers can place their orders themselves 24/7 and can view all desired product information, which in turn contributes to higher customer satisfaction.

Our method

We work through a fixed implementation process which ensures that we achieve your goals:

First of all, we look at the goals of your B2B webstore. Is the focus mainly on getting existing customers to order as quickly and easily as possible, or should the B2B portal also contribute to lead generation.

Based on the goals, we will look together which functionalities are needed in the B2B webstore. We use standard solutions as much as possible and try to avoid customization as much as possible.

When the goals and functionalities are clear, we get started with the realization of the B2B webstore. In this process we work closely together towards the webstore that meets the set goals and functionalities.

After the B2B webstore has been launched, we will start to further optimize the webstore. We pave the way for onboarding your business customers and advise what can be improved.

B2B is not a B2C

Realizing a business webstore is fundamentally different from a consumer webstore. Where the consumer comes to shop, the business customer wants to do his job as quickly as possible. Thanks to our expertise and specialization in B2B e-commerce, we understand the client’s question and the complexity involved in a B2B webstore.

“B2B eCommerce customers aren’t shopping – they are buying because it is their jobs.”

B2B functionalities

Our B2B webstore integrated with Unit 4 contain many B2B functionalities as standard, without the need for customization or extensions. A number of functionalities that are available in our B2B webstore


Offers new customers the opportunity to first
request a quote for a selection of the products.

Order lists

Customers can quickly place their order through their own order lists of products they have purchased more often.

Customer-specific prices & lists

Business customers can see their own customer-specific prices or work with the price list structure of the ERP system.

Fast order form

The B2B webstore offers a quick order form where products can be added immediately or an Excel file
can be uploaded.

Payment conditions

Each customer can use his or her own payment conditions on the webstore or work with credit limits.

Approving customers

Shouldn’t customers have direct access to the webstore? No problem, there is the option to approve customers first.

Multiple users per account

Are there multiple users who have to order for 1 company. Then use multiple users per account.

Customer-specific ranges

Are not all customers allowed to see all products or prices. Make use of customer-specific assortments.

Customer portal

The customer portal offers the customer an overview of all orders, invoices and shipments so that the customer has an overview immediately.

Integrated with Unit 4

Our B2B web stores are integrated with Unit 4. As a result, data is only entered in 1 place and as many activities as possible are automated during the order processing process. In addition, with the integration we offer customers the option of a customer portal for viewing web, telephone and email orders.

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Can be used in any industry​

The companies below already use a B2B webstore integrated with Unit 4

Support and optimization

After implementing your B2B webstore, we provide support and maintenance and we help to further improve your B2B portal.

Support & Maintenance

We ensure that your webstore remains fast and safe. Within our support and maintenance we provide the following:

  • Installing security patches
  • Taking care of updates to your webstore
  • Continuous monitoring of your webstore for safety and speed
  • Available by phone and email for questions

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We help you with the following improvements:

  • Setting up Google analytics and your e-commerce dashboard.
  • Speed optimization of your webstore for mobile and desktop.
  • Improve the conversion of your webstore.
  • Adding new functionalities to improve the customer experience.
  • Deploy marketing automation.

Free consultation?

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