Webstore integrations

For an efficient e-commerce process

Importance and challenge of webstore integrations

87% of B2B organizations indicate that getting all data in 1 system is the major challenge in digitization for B2B companies. Many organizations have multiple systems that need to communicate seamlessly for an optimal customer experience. We ensure the integration between the B2B webshop and the other systems within the organization such as ERP, PIM, WMS and market places.

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ERP Integration

We will provide the integration between your B2B webstore and the ERP system by means of our integration software MCONNECT. We will take care of integrations for the following ERP systems:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft 365 Business central

Unit 4

Exact online &
Exact globe







PIM Integration

Does your organization make use of a PIM system? We will ensure that the product information is read into your B2B webstore. We have provided integrations with the following PIM systems

  • Akaneo PIM
  • Pimcore
  • Customized PIM systems.

WMS or Fulfillment integration

Do you not send your own packages, but let a fulfillment party do this for you? Then we can implement an integration between your Magento or Shopware webstore and your fulfillment party. We have implemented Magento integrations with various solutions such as S&H and Montapacking.

EDI Integration

EDI is a standard format for electronic exchange of company documents such as sales orders and invoices. If you make use of EDI with your suppliers, we can provide the EDI integration for your B2B webstore.

Integration with market places.

Reach a bigger range of audience and more turnover by offering your products on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Bol.com. Products will be automatically read into the marketplaces and sales orders placed back into your webstore.


With a punchout integration you make it easier for business buyers to order. The buyer can place an order through it’s own purchasing system within your webstore without leaving the purchasing system.

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