Magento is a great platform to set up a web store, which continues to develop in a fast pace. It is therefore important to keep your store updated at the same speed. We often discuss this with our clients, but there are other developments that are more fun to talk about.

Our basic support
Over the past year, many of our clients indicated that they would appreciate it if we would install new patches, upgrade Magento and perform other basic maintenance for them. This gave us the idea to set up a support service in which we take over all the basic maintenance, enabling our clients to focus on more interesting developments. We make sure that your web store is a well-oiled machine, and you provide great content and products: this together creates a web store that will only continue to move forward. We are happy to help you with ideas for improvements!

Joint development
With this service your basic maintenance is taken care of, you’re always on the latest version of Magento and you have no more worries about security: now we have time to think about the fun stuff! Maybe we can add a functionality to increase your conversion or improve the user experience of your customers, or perhaps you would like to optimise your company processes to free up time for other things.
If you really want to tackle this, we can offer our Pro-support, with which we will actively investigate your store and advise you on ways to improve it, to increase speed and conversion and to discuss possible next steps to grow even faster.

Is is for me?
What to invest in and when can be difficult to decide, but we are happy to advise you. In any case, we always recommend to keep your basic maintenance up-to-date. We have unfortunately seen some consequences of an insecure and not updated store. Contact us to discuss if our support service is for you, what your store needs, or simply to discuss what other great things we can do together!