We help SMEs with the deployment of e-commerce solutions to achieve their business goals. We do this by offering the following services

E-commerce advice

We’ll help you, advise you based on your data, and work together for
maximum success.

E-commerce platform & integrations

We’ll specifiy, design and build
your own modern
webstore completely.

E-commerce optimization

Together we ensure more online results by optimizing your webstore or
e-commerce process.

E-commerce advice

Do you need help to get more out of your online activities? Our e-commerce consultants have years of experience in deploying e-commerce solutions. Whether it’s questions such as which webstore platform is most suitable for my organization or how can I ensure that my online turnover grows, we are happy to think along with you. We do this based on data and proven e-commerce solutions that we have also successfully deployed with other clients. We will help with the following issues


Digital strategy

We'll help you set up your digital strategy that will keep you growing online and your customers satisfied through an optimal digital experience.

E-commerce platform choice.

If your current webstore is no longer satisfactory, you are looking for a new and better platform but you’re unsure what the best choice would be. We'll help you choose which webstore system best suits your organization and future needs.

Webstore speed & user-friendliness

Are you not satisfied with how your current webstore is functioning and you’re unable to pinpoint exactly where the problem is? We’re able to perform a webstore scan for you, where we’ll map out your webstore at various points to see where the areas that need improvement lie.

More online results

Do you want to get more results from your current webstore or does your e-commerce process not run smoothly, which leads to too many manual activities that need to be carried out? We'll help you to get more results from your webstore. We're able to do this by using the right online marketing channels, improving the conversion on your webstore and increasing the average order value.

Want to have a sparring session?

Do you have an e-commerce issue and would you like to have a sparring session with one of our specialists? That is possible!  We offer a 30 minute online sparring session without any obligation. Interested? Sign up here now.

E-commerce platform & integrations

We’ll take care of the design and development of your e-commerce platform and ensure that this will be linked to your existing business systems. We make use of the best open source e-commerce systems namely Magento 2, Shopware and Akeneo.

Magento 2

Magento 2 is one of the leading e-commerce platforms worldwide. Magento is ideal for a professional B2B webstore or B2C webstore, due to the large amount of functionalities and scalability. Our team is a partner of Magento and is a certified Magento 2 specialist.

Shopware 6

Shopware is a open-source e-commerce platform which originated in Germany. The platform is distinguished by the high level of user-friendliness and the opportunities for further growth within the webstore platform. As an e-commerce agency we are an official Shopware partner.

Akeneo PIM

Akeneo is an open source PIM (Product Information Management) system. As a wholesaler or manufacturer you have a lot of product data and you need 1 central place where this data can be easily and simply kept, then a PIM system can offer the solution.

Webstore integrations

We’ll take care of the integrations between your webstore and other business systems. We provide the integerations between the following systems:

  • ERP or administration systems
  • WMS or fulfilment system
  • EDI integration
  • Link with Marketplaces
  • Punchout integration

Contact experts

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E-commerce optimization

We can help you get more out of your e-commerce activities. We are able to do this by performing support and maintenance on your e-commerce platform, but also by improving your existing platform and e-commerce processes. Depending on your goals, we look at where online opportunities lie and how we can best capitalize on them.

We’ll take care of the maintenance of your webstore so that it remains secure and up to date. We’re also available through our helpdesk to answer any questions you may have and you can find answers to frequently asked questions about your webstore through our knowledge base.

Read more about Support and Maintenance

Do you make to optimal use of the date in your webshop? We can help you identify the data you need to know to improve your webshop and tools to use this date for a more personalized customer experience and better results.

Marketing automation can help you get more results out of your e-commerce activities and improve the customer experience. Contact us for the benefits of marketing automation and the tools you can use.

Curious on how you can improve the conversion rate of your webshop? We can help you find the blockages in your webshop and perform A / B tests to improve the conversion.