About us

We are Ecomwise

We believe it is the time for online success. In our case, this means above all that we want to help SMEs to make the most of all the opportunities that can be put into use online. We are located in Utrecht, Netherlands and Bitola, Macedonia and serve clients all over the country. Since 2013 we have specialized in e-commerce solutions for this market and we still get better every day.

Our specialization is in the business market. We help wholesalers and manufacturers to develop and maintain a B2B webstore and/or B2C and D2C channels. We always look for the most powerful solution for the specific market our client is in and connect all the technology to. The basis of these webstores lies with us, in proven e-commerce solutions such as Magento and Shopware.

We want to be even better than yesterday, so if you have a challenging question; ask it! Then we sink our teeth into it.

Our team

With 14 highly motivated and enthusiastic e-commerce professionals. We are a team that keeps each other focused on new developments, informed choices and have fun working together. From two offices we work with our clients with great pleasure and energy to take their e-commerce solutions to the next level. We believe that all our cients can go above and beyond in terms of success.

Our core values

These core values ensure that we are happy to work every day and keep our eyes open for opportunities of growth, success and significance.​


As a team, with the client, with partners; as long as we work together to achieve success. Who wants to succeed without sharing?

Growth & development

There is always the possibility of growth. We try to look where you don't expect to grow, we embrace new technology and fresh ideas.


Without knowing each other, our clients en the market, it would be nothing. We immerse ourselves in the client's sector, know what is going on and respond to this together with the client.


We have a lot of fun celebrating successes, where possible. Big successes, small successes, if there is something to celebrate about, it should be celebrated. Simple.

Our partners

We believe in cobblers who stick to their last. We like professional specialists. That is why we work with parties that are best in their field. Below is a selection of parties that we know are an authority in their field and with whom we have a great cooperation.

Would you like to work here?

We are always searching for new colleagues and talent. Would you like to work in an international team on beautiful products and amazing projects for incredibly fun and diverse clients? Then please take a look at our vacancy page