PIM system

Manage all your product data in 1 system

What is a PIM system?

PIM stands for "Product Information Management". It is a central system where your product data is collected, enriched and distributed. The purpose of the PIM system is to provide the best customer experience possible by offering optimal product data.

More information?

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The benefits of a PIM system.

A PIM system offers the following advantages:

  • Increase sales and conversion through better product data
  • Launch products faster in new markets
  • Reduce the time spent updating product data
  • Offers the business customer a uniform experience across all channels (website, webstore, brochures)

When do I need a PIM system?

A PIM system is not necessary for all organizations. A PIM system can add value in the following cases:

  • You have a large number of products with many product features
  • Your products must be available in many different languages
  • Several people within the organization work with the product data
  • You receive various product files from suppliers.
  • Your product data is used in various places, such as on your webstore and for brochures.

PIM functionalities

A PIM system contains a wide range of functionalities which make it easier to manage, enrich and distribute product data, such as:

  • Importing product data via CSV or XML
  • Classifying product data
  • Enriching product data
  • Translating product data
  • Set up workflows for managing product data
  • Spreading product data to, for example, your webstore, ERP system, market places or brochures

Akaneo PIM

We make use of the open source PIM system Akaneo. We have chosen Akeneo for its flexibility, good integration, with Magento and Orocommerce, and great user interface. If you want to know more about Akaneo PIM contact us for a demo.

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