Orocommerce: The future of B2B Ecommerce?


OroCommerce is a new e-commerce platform specially for B2B E-commerce. OroCommerce is developed by the former team which also found Magento almost 10 years ago. The first stable version of OroCommerce was launched at the end of January. On April 20th, the very first OroCommerce  convention was held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and of-course Ecomwise was present.


OroCommerce was developed to close the gap that many companies experienced when launching a B2B web shop. Many of the current platforms are designed for the B2C market, even tough B2C and B2B web stores have allot in common, there are also considerable differences. This is why we at Ecomwise developed a number of products to implement and let companies use Magento as a B2B store, the Magento B2B Suite is a perfect example. OroCommerce is designed specifically for the B2B e-commerce market and comes already many desired functionalities, such as; quotations, company accounts, workflows and multiple shopping baskets.


Below an overview of the most important B2B e-commerce functionalities of OroCommerce:

OroCommerce - bedrijfsaccounts
Company accounts

With OroCommerce  you are able to manage complex company account structures. Buyers can create multiple users accounts and grant each of them full access to specific functions of the web store.


https://www.ecomwise.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Orocommerce-rollen-en-rechten.pngRoles and Permissions

OroCommerce offers the possibility to set roles and rights per user. This can be determined per user or user group, which price list can be used or which products can be viewed.



Customer-specific price lists

Orocommerce offers the possibility to set several price lists per customer. This offers the possibility to make complex price structures available online.


OroCommerce meerder winkelmandjes

Multiple Shopping-baskets 

OroCommerce offers buyers to add products to different shopping-baskets, this makes it easier for the buyer to quickly place orders.


OroCommerce - offertes


One common feature in B2B e-commerce is working with quotations. OroCommerce offers the option to request quotations for products and manage the quotation process from the back of OroCommerce.



orocommerce_workflowWorkflow management

Another powerful functionality of OroCommerce is being able to use workflows. This allows you to configure complex workflows such as approval of orders by a manager in the system or to skip certain payment steps such as selecting the shipping or payment method.


As a specialist in the field of B2B Ecommerce we are very enthusiastic about the possibilities of OroCommerce. The amount of standard B2B functionalities that the platform offers is enormous. Due to OroCommerce being a new platform it does not have as many standard links and integrations as existing web store systems such as Magento. However we expect OroCommerce to connect better with B2B e-commerce companies than for example Magento 2.


Do you want to learn more about OroCommerce or receive a demo of the system? Feel free to contact us, we will show you the possibilities of OroCommerce.