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The client

We know Hoogvliet as a supermarket chain with 67 stores in the west and center of the Netherlands. Less known is that Hoogvliet is the only supermarket chain in the Netherlands who bakes all their bread according to their own recipe and in a traditional way.

Hoogvliet also offers customers to buy almost any kind of pastry via their online shop. This is where the collaboration with Ecomwise starts: Hoogvliet wants a new, modern pastry web shop.


The goal

The current pastry shop does not meet today’s online standard; it is not responsive, has an outdated design and runs on a platform which is not optimized for e-commerce. A switch to Magento 2 is an obvious choice¬† as well as an new design optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

Other areas of improvement are: the search function, checkout process and a good layout for for SEO. In addition, there will be a new function, an option to personalize a cake by adding a photo on it, the “Fototaart”.


The process

After determining the specifications and analyzing the customers buying process, we start designing the homepage based on the excising style. Including a fresh new design should make the web shop attractive again and the mobile-first approach ensures us that the website will display flawless on mobile devices.


  • New design
  • Mobile-first
  • Improved structure
  • Integration with external systems
  • Implementation of the Fototaart
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