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AI-Driven Personalization in B2B and B2C Webshops

A personalized online shopping experience is becoming increasingly important for visitors to your webshop. Both business customers and consumers expect offerings that match their preferences. However, with an abundance of choices, this can be challenging. Webshops must thoroughly understand their customers, who also seek an efficient shopping experience. Therefore, user-friendliness is crucial. AI-driven personalization plays a key role in creating a more efficient and customer-focused shopping experience. That’s why Ecomwise partners with Hello Retail. In this blog, we delve deeper into Hello Retail and how this collaboration can elevate your webshop.

Hello Retail in brief

Hello Retail enhances the online shopping experience for both suppliers and customers. The AI personalization platform, which relies on both behavioral and product intelligence (PI), provides personalization tools specifically designed for the e-commerce sector.
The core features of Hello Retail include:
  • Product recommendations: customized product recommendations based on product correlations and each user’s personal preferences;
  • Personalized site search: personalized search capabilities with suggestions and auto-completions for an improved search experience;
  • Pages: dynamic and personalized product rankings on category pages;
  • Audience: segmentation of website visitors for targeted and personalized content based on behavior and demographic data;
  • Personalized emails:
    • Triggered emails: Automatic sending of customized emails based on user actions;
    • Newsletter content: customizing newsletter content based on user behavior and interests for higher engagement.

The added value of Hello Retail

By using Hello Retail, B2B and B2C webshops can expect higher conversion rates, a higher average order value, and greater customer engagement. Additionally, the use of Hello Retail results in:
  • Increased customer retention;
  • Higher customer satisfaction;
  • More effective cross-selling and upselling;
  • Optimization of marketing expenses;
  • Faster decision-making through data-driven insights.
Why Hello Retail is the right choice for your webshop Besides the aforementioned benefits, Drew MacKenzie, Global Head of Partnerships at Hello Retail, provides a compelling answer to this question:
“We see a trend where both users and internet browsers increasingly reject data tracking, including marketing cookies. While our AI personalization tools deliver great results, we must also comply with regulations. Therefore, our Data Science team has developed Product Intelligence over the past 3 years. This technology works alongside our behavioral analysis—or on its own, if cookies are rejected—and is the only global solution that can offer true personalization based on patterns in large volumes of product data, without using personal information or tracking users.”

The combined strength

Hello Retail and Ecomwise are long-term partners focused on delivering the best customer solutions. We achieve this by combining our services with Hello Retail’s products. As Drew emphasizes:

“Our collaboration is based on vision and decisiveness. The partnership has given Hello Retail a significant boost, thanks to the strong technical support and reliable identity of Ecomwise.” – Drew MacKenzie, Global Head of Partnerships at Hello Retail

A tailored shopping experience on your webshop

Would you like to know more about integrating (AI-driven) personalization on your webshop? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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